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Outdoor Key Lockbox

Outdoor Key Lockbox

An outdoor key lockbox is great for storing a spare key for your tenants. It also works well for a self-check in if you run an Air BnB or Short Term Let. Here are some of the best options including Supra and Masterlock.

NRS Healthcare Supra C500 Key Safe

You can choose any number of digits for your code. With 924 possible combinations, a six-digit number is the most common. The C500 is purely mechanical and does not require a battery, unlike many other Key Safes that rely on digital technology and are equipped with one. This safe is substantial and well-made.


The master lock 5401EURD is made of high-quality material and is simple to install. The Master Lock Key Safe is primarily intended to be used as a key storage unit. It, like all key safes, might be removed or shattered if brutally attacked. However, these hazards must be weighed against the benefits it provides, particularly to the elderly. It’s a safe that’s both dependable and affordable, and it’s perfect for the job. There are 10,000 unique combinations to pick from, and you can easily change your number at any time you desire. 


The Master Lock Select Access 5423D Push Button Key Safe has a 79mm broad metal body for durability and allows you to customise your own combination. The design of the wall mount allows for permanent installation. The Select Access 5423EURD is exceptionally easy to use, even with gloves, by the elderly or youngsters, thanks to its push buttons. For keyless convenience and better security, create your own combination. The weather cover keeps the shackle from freezing and jamming, while the moulded bumper and vinyl covered shackle keep it from scratching which is useful.

YA MI Key lock box

It has a very sturdy and long-lasting design. The heavy-duty steel locking mechanism and zinc alloy cast body resists hammering, sawing, and prying attacks. With a silicone protective sleeve, it’s more discreet and long-lasting. It has a push-button combination system with ten digits. The dimensions are 4.1in x 2.6in x 2.2in on the outside and 2.8in x 1.6in x 1in on the inside. It usually holds 3-5 regular keys.

Rhino Lock Secure Key XL Combination Safe

The Rhino Lock uses a four-digit multi-combination code to ensure reliable security for your valuables; with 10,000 possible combinations to keep intruders away, the dials are simple to read and operate while allowing you to select and adjust your own personal code without the use of a key. Detailed instructions are included. Their Secure Home and Secure Pro versions feature a 4-digit multi-combination code to offer reliable security for valuables, while an emergency key provides quick and easy access to the safe box if the code is forgotten, allowing it to be reset without the need for pricey locksmith fees. The available colours are classic grey or a discreet black.

Diyife Key Lock Box

This outdoor Key lockbox is non-corrosive and weather-resistant due to its steel structure. To protect the four combination dials from rain, snow, and ice, a waterproof shutter cover glides over them. The hinged access cover stays linked to the box, eliminating the need for two hands to operate it, and its flush mount improves impact resistance. There is no way to get into the key compartment by sawing or prying. When you or a loved one requires access, the procedure is simple. There are 10,000 possible combinations, which you can share with maids, nannies, vacation tenants, and other family members. 

AMRIU Combination Key Lock Box

The Amriu lock box is a well-built, durable key safe. It provides a high level of security, with thousands of code combinations to choose from. Several keys can be stored inside the key safe. Because it’s built of zinc alloy and heavy-duty steel, this lockbox is weatherproof and difficult to hammer, saw, or pry open. This would be extremely useful when children are coming home from school or when there are new guests arriving at your holiday home. It has a strong push button code on the box that allows people you’ve given the code to access your keys.

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Outdoor Key Lockbox

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