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How much to remodel a Bathroom?

How much to remodel a Bathroom

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom in the UK?

In the UK, the average price to install a bathroom can range from £2,500 (if you’re merely replacing the bathroom suite) to upwards of £7,500 for a light renovation, labour, electrics, plumbing, and budget to mid-range finishings in an average-sized bathroom. For reference, the average appears to be between £4,000 and £5,000 for most of the country. The cost of removing your old bathroom and designing a new one can add several thousand pounds to these costs, and the cost will also depend on where in the country you live.

Budget Bathroom, Standard Bathroom and Luxury Bathroom

Budget bathroom renovations are only carried out when necessary. You might replace them in your old bathroom suite, for instance, if your shower, sink, tub, or tiles become damaged or cracked. Additionally, replacements like replacing a shower will use standard-quality fixtures that you can readily purchase and have installed again.

A standard bathroom is one that has been upgraded by eliminating outdated fixtures. You can also get your shower, toilet, or sink replaced. Also available are tiles, bath panels, floors, and extractor fans. The fixtures utilised in the typical bathroom are high-quality as a result.

Extremely expensive and exotic fixtures in a luxury bathroom raise the overall cost of remodelling the bathroom. As a result, the bathroom has a royal appearance and feels like one from a five-star hotel. You might even include a glass door, a bathtub, fibreglass liners, or expensive flooring. Furthermore, a refurbishment like this may take place solely for your delight rather than necessarily being necessary due to harm.

Plumbing, Electrics and Tiling

A plumber is expected to cost between £160 and £300 a day, with the size of the job having the most impact on their daily rate. The overall cost will be higher than the occasional job here and there if you require completely new bathroom plumbing.

A day’s labour for an electrician is thought to cost between £240 and £480. It is well worth the cost to hire an experienced, certified electrician to complete the work professionally and safely because installing the electrical system in a bathroom can be a dangerous task.

Tiling is a trade that needs skill to be done perfectly. Tile installation typically costs between £850 and £950. Since this is one of the more challenging and expensive mistakes to fix after the fact, it’s crucial to choose the best tiler you can afford right now to avoid more expensive corrections or repairs down the road. You also need to make the right decision on the type of tiles you want and where you want them to go.

Bathroom fixture and fittings

It’s best to leave fixture and fittings for the final step of remodelling your bathroom. The least expensive bath starts at £80. Even though these acrylic baths will be lightweight and unreinforced, a typical acrylic bath will need a frame that must be tiled or covered in a waterproof material, thus this cost must be considered. Premium freestanding acrylic bathtubs are robust and long-lasting. These might cost as much as £1500 or as little as £250. The most economical option is probably a steel bath. They may be purchased for as little as £120 and are of a fair grade standard. Cast iron and stone baths will cost the most if you have the money for the most opulent bathrooms. Installation of a typical bath can take 3 to 4 hours.

Average timings of remodelling your bathroom

Installation of a bathroom typically takes 5 days, although this will vary based on the size of the project. The installation of a new shower tray typically takes 8 hours, which includes the tiling as well as the replacement of the shower unit and switch, which takes around 1 hour. Depending on the size of the bathroom, it may take up to a day to tile it completely. Installing floor tiles in a larger family bathroom can take an average of 6 hours. The same is true for the walls of the room. The complexity of the tiles might occasionally affect how long it takes to tile a bathroom because varied tile cuts require specialised knowledge.

Typical timeframe for bathroom installation

  • Create a bathroom brief and set a budget.
  • To hire a builder, locate one, present your specifications to them, and acquire at least three estimates.
  • Select your builder, agree to a written agreement, schedule your work, and complete the schedule. (Think ahead; most competent builders won’t be available to begin right away.)
  • Together with your builder, confirm your final specifications and choose your sanitaryware, materials, fittings, and fixtures.
  • Remove and demolish the current bathroom.
  • Installing new services, repairing outdated wiring, and plumbing are all first priorities.
  • Plastering, installing plasterboard or tile backing board, and levelling walls.
  • Plastering and fixing the ceiling.
  • Levelling, screeding, waterproofing, and, if necessary, strengthening the floor.
  • The installation of the toilet, heated towel rail, bath and taps, shower, shower enclosure, sink, and taps are all included in the second fix plumbing.
  • The installation of an extractor fan, shaver points, electric underfloor heating, light switches, and spotlights are all included in the second fix wiring.
  • Tiling the floor and walls 
  • Final touches

Recommendations for bathroom remodelling

Avoid overcrowding your bathroom by leaving enough area for you to stand, dry yourself off, and move around without bumping into other fixtures.

Incorporate a good amount of storage – Clutter can easily transform a stunning new bathroom into an untidy jumble, so be sure to include storage to keep all your things out of sight.

Let in as much natural light as you can. Natural light, especially roof glazing to save wall space, is wonderful for giving the impression of more space and may add impact to a magnificent bathroom.

Consider using high-quality artificial lighting, such as backlit mirrors or other ambient lighting, in addition to natural lighting.

How much to remodel a Bathroom?

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