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Introducing Key Nest

Introducing Key Nest

When you run a short term letting business or serviced accommodation, it can be time consuming to do face to face check ins. Key Nest is an alternative option to hosts doing their own check ins. Read about how Key Nest can issue property keys on your behalf.

What is Key Nest? / How does it work? 

Through a vast network of KeyNest Stores, KeyNest manages keys for thousands of clients across the UK and Europe using smart RFID fobs. They provide Airbnb owners with a secure, stress-free way to store keys while also allowing guests simple access. In a nutshell, they store your keys in safe areas near your Airbnb so that guests may pick them up and drop them off.

Keys are exclusively handled by skilled staff at KeyNest locations, and all KeyNest automated lockers are equipped with security cameras. KeyNest never saves any Airbnb addresses on-site, ensuring that your keys and home always remain safe. The fobs that are linked to each set of keys can be traced, reducing the danger of keys being misplaced.

Here is the link to the Key Nest website:

Step 1 

Use the drop-off code to deposit your keys. 

The first step in using KeyNest is to register an account in under 40 seconds and obtain a 6-digit drop-off code right away. After that, a tracking fob will be connected to your keys and housed in a safe at a local business.

Step 2

Send your guest the collection code you’ve obtained.

The next step is to send your guest the local KeyNest location as well and the 6-digit unique collection code. This code must be given to the shopkeeper or directly typed into one of the automated lockers for a tracking record when it is collected.

Step 3

Receive notifications whenever your keys are collected or returned. 

When your keys are picked up or dropped off, KeyNest notifies you.

Advantages of Key Nest 

It’s easier than ever to distribute your keys to your guests now that KeyNest has merged with Guesty. KeyNest can deliver check-in details to your visitor for you by accessing the reservation details on your Guesty dashboard. Guesty can then communicate with your visitors on your behalf from beginning to end.

KeyNest allows your guests the ability to check in at any time of day with over a thousand 24-hour locations. You’ll always know where your keys are thanks to real-time notifications that notify you when they’re picked up or returned.

KeyNest is only one of the numerous management solutions offered in Guesty’s Marketplace, which is continually increasing. Check it out to see how you can save time, improve the experience of your visitors, and streamline every part of your property management business.

Great for Air BNB’S and Short term Lets 

For guests, there will be more Flexibility. As a short-term property manager, one of your key obligations is to keep your visitors pleased, which will result in higher ratings and more bookings. When guests must meet someone in person to obtain keys to your rentals, they must be present at a certain location at a specific time. When it comes to checking into your properties, using a key exchange solution will provide your visitors with more flexibility, allowing them to organize their days in a way that suits them.

Having a KeyNest is A reliable back-up strategy

Even if you prefer to greet all your visitors personally, it’s always a good idea to have a simple way to let maintenance workers and cleaners in, protect yourself against lockouts, and have a backup plan in case anything comes up and you can’t be there to see them. When you save a spare key with a key exchange solution, you can let them in remotely, allowing you to take care of any repairs or cleaning even if you’re in another city. 

Automated hosting

Running a short-term rental firm is a lot of work, so automating as much as possible is always a good idea. Some key exchange software allows you to automate check-ins and even converse with your visitors on your behalf. Even better, fully integrated solutions with your property management software allow for a completely hands-free booking process.

Cost effective

It is also cost effective to use a key exchange solution. It lowers your travel expenses as well as the cost of hiring greeters to offer your guests their keys. There is a good selection of locations and excellent value for money, as multiple drop-offs and pick-ups are provided from a single location for a single cost.

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Introducing Key Nest

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