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Why you Should Hire a Gardener for your Property business

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You may not think that you need to hire a gardener for your home or property business, but there are many reasons why you should. A gardener will have the proper tools and knowledge to keep your gardens in check and looking pristine. And remember that in the property business, first impressions have a major impact on buyers and renters. So if you hire a gardener for the front of your property this will certainly make a great first impression. A back garden revamp can actually add thousands to the value of a property. In fact, I know someone who once bought a house at auction, hired a gardener to cut all the overgrown plants and trees back and then sold it on for £20k more!!!

Reasons to hire a Gardener for your property business

  • Cutting back overgrown gardens makes them look bigger and attracts buyers and renters
  • Hiring a gardener to make improvements and plant shrubs, trees and flowers can add value to your property
  • A gardener will keep the gardens in check so that bushes and hedges are not over-grown onto the pavement which can annoy passers by and neighbours
  • Professional gardeners will have the right tools to do the job quickly
  • A gardener will help you to identify plants and trees that you don’t know and make suggestions of what to plant in the space that you’ve got.
  • Having a regular gardener will help to maintain the gardens in properties where you know that the tenants won’t e.g student lets and Air BnBs
  • Hiring a gardener for your business will free you up to grow the business and focus on the important things and things that you are good at.

How much does it cost to Hire a Gardener?

To hire a professional gardener expect to pay anywhere between £12-£20 per hour or potentially more if re-design is involved. In Liverpool, we pay £15 an hour for our gardener. It can be substantially more for a professional gardener in more expensive areas of the UK such as London or Oxford such as £25 an hour.

How to find a Decent Gardener

The best gardeners we have found have been by word of mouth. In fact, our best gardener used to do the garden of a property that we bought and the previous owner passed on his details. If you get get a recommendation from someone in the same street then that’s probably the best way to go.

However, you can also easily find a gardener online. Many people use websites such as Task Rabbit or If you are in the Liverpool area then visit this website to hire a gardener in Liverpool.

What about you? Do you hire a gardener for your property? Perhaps you do all of the gardening yourself and are happy to do it. Or maybe you are looking for a gardener to free up some of your time? Whatever your situation, we would love to hear your thoughts – feel free to comment on our blog below.

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Why you Should Hire a Gardener for your Property business

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