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House Renovation Order

House Renovation Order

Today’s blog is all about the house renovation order. It always makes sense to start with the structural work and weatherproofing, and then move onto rewiring, plumbing and plastering. Here is the ideal order in which to renovate a house:

Demolition and structural repair 

Before you can start doing anything else, you’ll need to be sure the structure is solid. At this stage, jobs range from removing outdated expansions that will be replaced to restoring rafters, stabilizing walls, and treating severe damp issues.

Weathertight and External Fixes

This includes any roof covering, external walls, doors, and windows that have been updated. You should have a beautiful dry home to start on the interior once the external envelope is up to par. Facade upgrades, such as new cladding or render, should also be undertaken now. This may occur concurrently with some of the initial fix work, depending on the nature of your project.

First Fix

Everything that goes on behind the scenes to keep your home running well is installed at this time. Carpentry work, such as the installation of new stud walls, as well as the installation of pipes, wires, insulation, and the boiler, take place here.


After you’ve finished all the work inside the walls and floors, you can seal them up and decorate them — start with the ceiling to ensure a flawless finish elsewhere. The walls and ceilings can be plastered when the electrics and water lines have been safely installed. This is the stage where your silky-smooth walls and ceiling are achieved. This job can be very messy, especially if adhesives are required before putting the plaster, which is why it is always suggested that this stage be completed by a professional. It’s critical to wait until the plaster is totally dry before tiling or painting. This is very dependent on how much airflow goes through the room, its size, and the amount of sunlight it receives. 

Second Fix

Your interiors will begin to take shape at this point, as you begin to fit the elements that you’ll be dealing with daily. Kitchens, light fixtures, and sanitary ware should be included. Also commissioned (turned on and approved) will be the boiler and heating system. It is possible to lay floor tiles or wood flooring, especially if the surface will be placed beneath kitchen cabinets. However, they will need to be safeguarded while other work is carried out.

Finishes and Decorating

Painting, wallpapering, adding skirting boards, and installing new carpets are all things that should be done last because they could get damaged during the preceding steps. Staircases are also typically installed later in the process to avoid being wrecked while the potentially messier projects are being conducted. One of the best ways to decorate a house is to replace the flooring, therefore, think about replacing all your building’s floors. If your bathroom hasn’t been remodelled in a long time, you’ll need to replace the bath, toilet, taps, light fixtures, boiler, ventilation, washing machine, and shower with new ones. The value of a bathroom can be increased by adding ceiling fans and re-tiling.


You’ll have seen some difficulties as you go, but this is your last chance to double-check that there are no issues or spots where the quality isn’t up to par with what you and your trades agreed on. This is where it helps to be clear from the start about who is responsible for what and what level of finish you’re looking for.

Things to Consider

Delays are normal, and they aren’t always the responsibility of a single person, so don’t blame anyone until you’ve heard the whole storey. Bad weather, for example, is impossible to predict in advance. Perhaps this means you won’t be able to finish the foundations for your extension because it’s been pouring for weeks. This is inconvenient because it will affect your entire future timetable, but it’s also no one’s responsibility; allyou must do now is keep cool and make progress as you can. 

It’s best to start with the room that’s the furthest away from your front door. Then, in the same manner, work on other rooms. You will be able to avoid walking past rooms that have been refurbished because of this.

The electrics in your building must be thoroughly examined. Check that the electrical service panel, outlets, connections, lighting, and light switches are all in good working order. If the necessity arises, do rewiring and the appropriate replacements.

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