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Should you replace your Combi with a heat pump boiler?

Should you replace your Combi with a heat pump boiler

It’s clear that gas boilers are not going to be sustainable heat sources in the long term. They rely on a fossil fuel and the danger of these energy sources is that one day they will run out. Not to mention that they are bad for the environment. This is such a critical issue that it is likely that the UK government will completely phase out gas combi boilers altogether. In fact, there could be a UK gas boiler ban as early as 2025. So with this being a key issue, should you replace your combi boiler with a heat pump boiler?

The Government Gas Boiler Ban starting 2025

The government gas boiler ban is likely to commence in 2025. However, it’s important to realise that the government ban on gas boilers from this date will apply to new build homes from that point onwards ONLY. So there is no major urgency to change your boiler just yet.

However, current figures suggest that 95% of UK homes rely on central heating and the majority of these rely on gas or oil to run – a very unsustainable way of heating our homes indeed. The use of gas fulled centrally heating contributes to greenhouse gases and is detrimental to the environment.

Changing your boiler will be more sustainable, better for the environment and potentially better for your pocket.

Introducing the DRHI scheme

The government have introduced the DRHI scheme which stands for domestic renewable heat incentive scheme. This means that the government will be offering financial incentives to those converting to more sustainable energy sources such as heat pump boilers and electric underfloor heating. The scheme commenced in 2014 and since then there have been thousands of people signing up for the scheme. With the looming gas boiler ban, these numbers of course, are set to increase. You can find out more about the scheme here.

How does a Heat Pump Boiler work?

Heat pump boilers are fuelled by electricity rather than gas and so they are not reliant on a fossil fuel. The heat pump boiler system will use electricity to move heat from a cool area to a warm one. This keeps rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer. In many cases, a heat pump boiler will adequately be able to heat your property, but of course there are a few things that you should consider before making this decision.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a heat pump boiler?

The main advantages of a heat pump boiler are to do with energy and efficiency…

  • Cheaper to run than gas central heating or oil fuelled boilers
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • More sustainable – not reliant on fossil fuels
  • Provides cooling in the summer – so also acts as a substitute for an air conditioner

However, there are also down sides – it takes much longer to heat with a heat pump and they don’t give big boosts of heat that gas boilers can offer.

The Future of Home Heating – what are the options?

If you are considering future-proofing your property then you should definitely consider upgrading to a more sustainable heat source such as a heat pump and/or electric underfloor heating. Follow this link if you are looking for heat pump installers.

What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts on heat pump boilers? Are there the future of sustainable energy? Or are there better options out there? I’d love to hear what you think – please leave a comment on our blog below.

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Should you replace your Combi with a heat pump boiler?

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