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Best areas to Invest in Liverpool

Best Areas to Invest in Liverpool

If you are looking for the Best Areas to Invest in Liverpool, look no further – this is the blog for you! Whilst investors with a lot of cash to splash go for L17 and L18 in the Aigburth and Allerton areas, there are a lot of places in Liverpool where you can still pick up a 3 bed terrrace for under £100k! Here’s where we suggest that you start looking for property investment in Liverpool:

L6 Tuebrook

If you are looking for a cheap property that is close to the city centre and that will be good for short term lets or Air BnB then don’t rule out Tuebrook. There are some fantastic streets of West Derby Road that are right opposite Newsham Park and on direct transport links to town (buses will get you to the City Centre in 20 minutes). Choose the ‘L13 side’ of Tuebrook – roads such as Alton Road, Chester Road and Glouester Road. You can still pick these up for under £100k but I don’t believe that this will last for long. I wouldn’t ever do an AST in the area again though – in my experience, the clientele stop paying when they can’t afford it anymore!

L13 West Derby and Old Swan

Properties in the L13 side of Tuebrook are selling like hotcakes at the minute to investors. They are in the one on the North side of West Derby Road and up to Queens Drive. Don’t go too close to Anfield! You can pick up a decent property here in L13 for around £130k. Also consider L13 near Old Swan centre itself – this is soon to be classed as an ‘up and coming’ area where those who can’t quite afford South Liverpool will settle. Avoid the area of Old Swan that is by the tip (AKA Recycling centre).

L9 Rice Lane Area

In the North of Liverpool, I tend to avoid Anfield as although houses are cheap there, you do get some of the social problems including drink and drugs. The roads are also very busy there when the football is on. If you want to go further North, consider the Rice Lane area of L9 where property is predicted to rise.

L20 Bootle

It may have had a bad reputation in the past, but Bootle is a place where properties are currently still rock bottom but predicted to be on the up. It may surprise you to know that picking up a house in Bootle for under £50k is not unheard of! There is an investment of over half a million pounds in the docks area of Bootle. The whole area will be heavily redeveloped and it is also accessible to the city centre. Don’t rule it out!

L8 Toxteth and Dingle

Near Prices Park in Toxteth is become the new student and young professional area. Again you can pick up houses near here for around £100k. Dingle is also a good area to consider investing in (this is also L8) because it is in between Lark Lane and the Baltic Triangle. The ‘bread streets’ of Dingle are popular with first time buyers and young professional renters who can’t afford to be L17.

L17 Sefton Park and Lark Lane

L17 near Sefton Park and Lark Lane is one of the prettiest and most desirable places to live in Liverpool. If you have around £200-£220k to invest in a property then this would would for both short term lets and ASTs for young professionals.

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Best areas to Invest in Liverpool

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