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Introducing Picton Road Liverpool

Introducing Picton Road Liverpool

Picton Road is a 1,290-meter-long street in Liverpool’s Wavertree area. Picton Road is in Merseyside, which is in the Northwest (England) region of the United Kingdom. It is 2.29 miles from Liverpool’s centre and 14.68 miles from Chester’s centre.

Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool are both close by. So, if you want to live close to the city centre, this is the neighbourhood for you! The World Museum, Walker Art Gallery, and Central Library are all within walking distance. Lime Street Station in Liverpool is also just around the corner! The University of Liverpool city campus is a hive of activity where students can find the majority of what they require, but there is so much more only a short walk away.

The Wavertree area is a favourite hangout spot for students who have recently moved out of halls. It has a large Asda, Aldi, and a slew of eateries and takeaways, as well as the local pub, The Brookhouse, which is known for its £1 pint nights. It checks off a lot of boxes! The major drawback to living in this region is its proximity to the city centre; nevertheless, if you don’t mind taking the bus, there are good transportation options.

Despite the absence of the city’s apparent tourist destinations, Bold Street is ideal for students, with dozens of unusual businesses, international food stores, bars, and restaurants, the majority of which provide student discounts. Many surprising hidden jewels may be found in the Rope Walks District on the streets running parallel to Bold Street (30-minute walk from Picton Road), including the FACT cinema and arts centre — not your usual cinema. Liverpool has a high student retention rate; many students prefer to stay in the city and live and work there permanently, increasing the demand for privately rented housing. There are good local pubs around. One is called The Wellington. It’s warm and welcoming inside. The staff is kind and will talk to anyone that comes up to the bar, but this is a locals’ pub. The drinks are reasonably priced, and the facility is attractive, with party spaces in the back. Picton Road is also surrounded by a few parks, including Liverpool’s largest park – Sefton Park.  

Is Picton Road, Liverpool a good area to invest?

One of the many reasons to be enthused about Liverpool’s property market and investment potential is the city’s large and expanding student population. Liverpool has a student population of over 70,000, which is higher than that of Leeds, a rival city in the property investment market. Liverpool also boasts one of the country’s largest Chinese student populations, making it a popular student housing investment option for international investors. For investors, particularly those wishing to invest in purpose-built student housing, this international student population is significant. At the University of Liverpool, about one in every five students is Chinese.

This is wonderful news for Liverpool student buy-to-let investors, since a rising tenant base means they’ll have a better chance of keeping tenancy in their home and earning a consistent rental income. Invest in Liverpool claims that the city offers £20 billion in investment prospects and that it has “high-quality, cost-competitive, low-risk sites and properties.” Although first-time buyers in the city may be disappointed by property costs, Liverpool boasts some of the most affordable homes in the country, with an average house price of roughly £53,000 less than the national average. Those looking for a real bargain will uncover some hidden gems at local property auctions, where houses with a lot of promise can be found for incredibly low rates.

Thankfully, student investors in Liverpool are enjoying some of the finest returns in the country, with the Merseyside city regarded as one of the best areas to invest in student property. The amount of regeneration taking place in Liverpool and across Merseyside has had a direct impact on local housing values. There are five strong arguments for this: Five excellent universities, a large student population generating high demand, a legendary nightlife scene, and incredible employment opportunities leading to massive graduate retention are all available. Liverpool will spark the interest of any investor looking for a big return on their return of investment, so is a place worth paying attention to for exciting opportunities. Picton Road in Liverpool is the ideal place to consider.

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Introducing Picton Road Liverpool

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