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Garmoyle Road Liverpool

Garmoyle Road Liverpool

Garmoyle Road in Liverpool is located in the Wavertree area of Merseyside (Northwest England). The street is roughly 760 metres long and predominantly bay fronted terrace houses.

Residential property in Liverpool is also getting more attractive; as the city’s population expands, so does demand for premium city centre property.

Types of properties

Gaarmoyle Road mainly consists of flats, apartments, semi-detached and mainly terraced housing. Most of these properties are spacious and have an updated modern look. This is perfect for students as there are bigger flats on this road that can fill around 1-8 people. 

Is it a good place to invest?

If you’re looking for a buy to let property with an impressive rental yield, Liverpool, Gaarmoyle Road, is a great choice. Six Liverpool postcodes made the Totally Money list of the top 25 buy to let postcodes in the UK, indicating that Liverpool property investment yields are among the highest in the country.

The student sector in Liverpool continues to receive investment, with Savills (real estate company), estimating that £10 billion will be spent on UK student housing in 2020. However, due to the pandemic, this investment has been delayed and pushed back until further notice. Student investment, on the other hand, remains a solid and appealing investment, particularly for international buyers, who accounted for 58 percent of all investments in the UK student property business between 2016 and 2019. Student property investing offers a variety of chances to buy investment property for sale in Liverpool as demand for high-quality student accommodation grows. This includes premium finishes as well as amenities like en-suite bathrooms and modern communal areas. Gaarmoyle Road have many big and small student housings available with decent varied prices 

Despite the large amount of student and buy-to-let property available in Liverpool, there is still a significant gap between the quantity of available units and total demand from students and young professionals in the city, which creates incredible opportunities. Wavertree is a popular destination for students during their university and post-graduate years. Wavertree is home to the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, and Edge Hill University.

Garmoyle Road, Wavertree, is an ideal area for buy-to-let options due to the influx of students during university terms. Its environment is dominated by rows of terrace houses, a popular property type among young professionals seeking affordable living away from the hustle and bustle of city centre student housing.

According to Home Track, the average terrace house sold for £121,000 on average which is a 5.3% rise from 2020 to 2021. Between 2010 and 2020, property prices in Liverpool have grown by 29.8% according to the Land Registry’s house prices index for Liverpool. We can see that Liverpool is an area where the property has been rising significantly. For investors, it’s a reasonable price to pay in an area where potential renters are numerous. Large tables, full-length mirrors, and high-quality beds and mattresses are found in several of the bedrooms.

Down Sides

One disadvantage of Gaarmoyle Road is the Parking problems. Due to a high population, there can be bad traffic at times, however, for students it’s less bad as they can take the bus or walk as lots of places are within walking distance. 

Another disadvantage is that on the road, parking is tight. The Wavertree area can have quite a lot of narrow roads so if you have a car make sure to check weather conditions and be cautious. 

Things to Consider

Many experts foresee a brief decline in UK property prices in 2021, compared to the record highs in 2020. As a result, a temporary period of negative growth is possible. This should not discourage individuals from buying a home in Liverpool, as the city is expected to grow dramatically in the next years. In the short term, it’s possible we could see a small dip which nothing is to be worried about. 

Liverpool’s residential housing market is now booming, with considerable demand driving up the average house price in the city. In fact, many purchasers have been willing to spend thousands of pounds more than the asking price of homes on the market due to the high demand.

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Garmoyle Road Liverpool

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