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How to be a good Air BnB Host

How to be a good Air BnB Host

We often get asked how to be a good Air BnB host. As we’ve been Super Hosts on Air BnB for theist two years we have some top tips for you. The most important things include cleanliness, an accurate listing and acting on feedback.

How to be a good Air BnB Host


If you know you won’t be able to complete all the cleaning yourself, contact a professional and give them specific instructions. You should also choose a backup cleaner in case your first one fails. Is there a different approach to handle the workload? Allow sufficient time between reservations to clean thoroughly before the next visitor arrives. Updating your reservation settings to block time between reservations is a good idea.

Accurate listing

Your summary description should serve as a quick overview of your property for guests to read before diving into the listing’s details. Write about what makes your location unique as you describe it. Concentrate on your space’s style, distinctiveness, condition, and atmosphere. Mentioning any amenities on your property, such as in-house laundry, spectacular vistas, or free parking, lets potential guests envision themselves in your space. If the space you’re advertising has pets or allergens, mention them in the description, even if they won’t be present when visitors arrive.

Great your guests or call them to make sure they are settled

When you welcome your guests to your Airbnb, no matter how bad the day is, always greet them with a smile. They’ll welcome a friendly face at the end of their adventure, especially if they’ve travelled far and are tired. Offer them a cup of tea or a refreshing drink. Many hosts prepare welcome packages for their guests that include snacks, handcrafted local trinkets, and souvenirs. This is just another excellent method to get things off to a good start. When guests have a positive experience, they are more likely to leave positive reviews, tell their friends and family about your place, and even return.

Little details – (key dish, notice board, WIFI password clear)  

A welcome letter with essential information such as the WIFI password, contact information, and house regulations is an excellent idea. This can be displayed behind reception or on the room’s refrigerator. Including a key dish and a notice board in the room will also come in handy as some guests might be on business trips.

For guests to have an easy, memorable stay, all features in your area must be safe, secure, and functional. Check that doors and windows are functional; hinges should be secure and free of rust or noisy squeaking, and doors and windows should easily open and close. Check that all the lights is working properly and at the desired brightness level. Pools, hot tubs, saunas, and game rooms should all be kept in good working order.

Guests will notice and appreciate your work if you are proud of how your place looks and feels. Your guests can rest and enjoy their stay if you take care of the cleaning and maintenance.

Act on feedback

You can respond to your guest’s public review once it has been published on your Airbnb listing. Select the Host tab, click Performance, and then Ratings to see the reviews that have been written about you. Always be respectful while responding to a review. If there are any points of conflict, it’s fine to bring them up, but make sure to do so politely. Remember that everyone will see how you reply to your reviews. It’s always good to keep on improving and looking at it from the guests point of view.

You can also request anonymous feedback from your visitors. This is a fantastic opportunity – especially for new hosts – to solicit constructive feedback from visitors that will not penalise you or be displayed publicly. 

Assisting guests in their exploration

It’s a beneficial service to act as a personal concierge for your guests. You may suggest restaurants or guide them to nearby sites and activities. It’s a good idea to write down these kinds of suggestions so that your visitors can look through them at their leisure. Stocking the house with local books or guides is another great touch. Airbnb visitors frequently want to learn about the area in a way that they wouldn’t be able to if they stayed in a hotel. Assist them in living like a local.

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How to be a good Air BnB Host

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