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Can you rent out a mortgaged property?

Can you rent out a mortgaged property

Lot’s of people often ask: Can you rent out a mortgaged property? The answer is often yes, but you should have the correct mortgage that fits your intentions with the property.

Avoid occupancy fraud

If you lie about your intentions for the property when getting a mortgage, you risk being charged with occupancy fraud. It might be possible to rent out your property if you have an owner-occupant mortgage. To talk about the matter, you should contact your mortgage lender. Some lenders will let you rent out your house at the same rate and terms as before. Some, on the other hand, may levy a fee, compel you to wait a particular period, or force you to refinance. Because each lender is free to create their own restrictions, make careful to contact your lender and read your contract thoroughly to fully comprehend the terms of your legally binding arrangement. You cannot do a short-term rental on a normal buy to let. You would need to get a mortgage that will allow short term rentals. 

Can you rent out a house on a residential mortgage?

A separate buy-to-let mortgage is normally required if you want to rent out a property to tenants. If you own a home, the terms of your mortgage may prevent you from renting out your property unless you acquire consent to let. Even if you’re in the process of moving to a buy-to-let mortgage, renting out a room without your lender’s authorization is considered mortgage fraud. If you want to rent out your property, you don’t absolutely need to re-mortgage – especially if it’s only for a short period of time.

A consent to let agreement allows you to temporarily change the terms of your residential mortgage arrangement and rent out part or all your home. Many lenders provide this service, however there are usually a few requirements. To begin, you must be current on all your regular mortgage payments. Second, you must demonstrate that you intend to rent out your home under a legitimate tenancy agreement, such as an assured shorthold lease. It’s vital to keep in mind that a consent to let agreement is just for a certain time. It does not provide you long-term lease authority, and it is not a permanent modification to your home mortgage. Instead, most lenders consider it as a tool to assist you in dealing with major life events that may require you to relocate for a few months.

If you want to rent for a long time, you can use your consent to let while changing your residential mortgage to a buy-to-let mortgage, but get this process started as soon as possible.

When your agreed-upon lease time expires, your home mortgage will revert to the same terms and conditions as previously. If you continue to rent out your home, you will be committing mortgage fraud. If you wish to keep renting out your house, you have two alternatives at this stage. You have the option of applying for a consent to let extension or switching to a buy-to-let mortgage. A mortgage broker might be able to help you decide which choice is best for you.

If you want to rent out a property to family members, such as adult children, additional terms may be offered. Your lender will determine if you can rent out your property to family members; you may need to apply for a family buy-to-let mortgage. According to FCA laws, you must also charge your tenants a fair rent based on similar houses in your neighbourhood.


You can’t rent out your house without a buy-to-let mortgage if you don’t have your lender’s written authorization. In most residential mortgage agreements, there is a clause about this. If you break that arrangement, you’ll face additional fees or higher rates, and you can even be requested to pay off your entire mortgage right now. You may have to sell your property since re-mortgaging will be considerably more difficult now that you’ve ruined your credit by breaking your mortgage arrangement.

The good news is that obtaining consent to allow to cover you for a limited period, such as during the transition to a buy-to-let mortgage or a relocation to a new home, is rather simple. Most lenders will gladly grant you temporary authorization to take on renters while your regular mortgage is still in place. So, Can you rent out a mortgaged property? Yes often as long as you have permission from the lender you can.

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Can you rent out a mortgaged property?

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