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Lark Lane Liverpool

Lark Lane Liverpool

In this blog we will be talking about the lovely Lark Lane in Liverpool and why it’s one of the best streets to hang about in. The vibe is exquisite, and places are stylish. It’s a very active community and is getting popular all the time. We will mention why it’s a good place to invest and what type of licenses and rules need to be followed. 

Where is Lark Lane in Liverpool?

Lark Lane is a lovely neighbourhood tucked away south of the city centre between Sefton Park and Aigburth Road. Take the number 82 bus from Liverpool One Bus Station or the train to St Michael’s Station to get there.

Why is it popular?

Lark Lane has an interesting variety of independent, one-of-a-kind stores, pubs, and eateries. The street is the centre of community activity and is always buzzing with bustle. It is a fantastic alternative to the city centre and is incredibly close to student housing. The magnificent Sefton Park is located at the other end of Lark Lane.

Good Restaurants and Bars on Lark Lane Liverpool

Love and Rockets

Love and Rockets is a small, independent business run by a family that is passionate about pizza, beer, and wine. They take great pleasure in their cocktail menu and offer one of the most extensive alcohol selections in the northwest. They are adored for their burgers and well-known for their nachos. After a refreshing walk at Sefton Park, you can walk your way down here which is a 10-minute walk. It’s a fantastic location with a welcoming atmosphere and service. They also have a few TVs where you can watch football.

The Book binder

The Book Binder is located on the edge of Sefton Park. It’s a beautiful wine bar and eatery that’s open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The décor is unique and pleasing. They include a stylish spirits menu and a carefully picked wine list. Their menu ingredients are selected locally from the greatest independent sources, and their cooking is heartfelt and from the kitchen of their house. They offer daily specials and offer plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians, and children. They welcome everyone and are dog and pushchair friendly.

The Lodge 

The Lodge is a lovely hangout and pub. Locally produced foods, the best beer garden in South Liverpool, locally brewed ales, superb music, and a wonderful pint. Enjoy everything that this bohemian neighbourhood has to offer while stopping at The Lodge for a beer. Finding high-quality, fresh ingredients and using them to prepare, cook, and display food in a stylish but approachable way are their passions. Their menus feature a core of traditional British foods that are complimented by more exotic global influences.

Pippins Corner

Another popular spot is Pippins Corner. They have amazing Sunday brunches such as Boston pancakes which is pancakes served with maple syrup topped up with bacon and icing sugar. You also get creamy just-undercooked scrambled eggs which melt in your mouth. There are numerous vegetarian and vegan alternatives available as well. Their excellent roasts and freshly squeezed orange juice are more fantastic things to try. They are also dog friendly and play amazing music.

You can read about more Lark Lane Liverpool restaurants here.

Is Lark Lane a good place to live?

The atmosphere and scenery in Lark Lane are wonderful. It’s well located for a weekend breakfast or coffee stop because it’s close to Sefton Park. There are numerous distinctive independent pubs, cafes, and restaurants that will make you feel as though you are somewhere else in the world. Lark lane has kept its title for being beautiful and never fails to impress. It’s constantly improving and is sparking a lot of people’s attention. 

Is it a good place to invest?

In Lark Lane, a home costs on average £250,000-£300,000. This neighbourhood is ideal for families and student rentals since it has lots of green space and recreational opportunities. As more students choose to attend school in the city and there is still a lack of housing, demand for housing will only grow. There is a need for shared student housing in places in L17, and it offers investors high yields. Many of the neighbourhoods close to Lark Lane have undergone reconstruction and are currently regarded as up-and-coming. They draw in those looking for affordable housing and home sharing, such as students. HMO’s are a great option to consider for investors that want to add to their portfolio. Shorthold lets are also great as they offer people flexibility. Investors can expect fantastic rental returns and capital increase. 

Are licenses needed for landlords in L17?

To be a landlord in the Lark Lane area, you will need to obtain a license. If at least three tenants who are not members of one “household” rent out a property, it is categorised as an HMO. If you wish to rent out your home as a house in various occupations, check the government website or speak with your council to find out if you need a licence. Depending on the area, you could still require a licence even if your rental property is smaller and only rents to a few tenants. You must always make sure you renew your license before it runs out. A separate license is needed for each individual HMO. If you run an HMO without a license, you can expect unlimited fines coming your way. If you have a managing agent, they will be able to help you obtain a license. 

Your home is considered an HMO if:

  • it is rented to 5 or more individuals from different households.
  • Some or all tenants may share restrooms, kitchens, or other common areas.
  • rent is paid by at least 1 tenant (or their employer pays it for them)

Ensure that:

  • The residence can accommodate the number of residents.
  • You or an agent who manages the property is deemed “fit and proper” if, for example, they don’t have a criminal record or haven’t broken any laws or codes of conduct governing landlords.
  • every year, submit the council an updated gas safety certificate.
  • installation and maintenance of smoke alarms
  • offer all electrical appliance safety certificates upon request.

Here is the link to the Liverpool council website on HMO regulations.


After reading this blog, hopefully you have more knowledge about Lark Lane. It really is a place with its own independent, unique identity. The diverse shops and the streets being fully of energy will make you want to stay. Consider this place great for HMO and AST Buy to Let investments.

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Lark Lane Liverpool

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