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Before Buying a House Checklist

Before Buying a House Checklist

It’s important to check certain things out before going ahead with your house purchase, including financials, legals and the actual property itself. I hope that you find our ‘Before Buying a House Checklist’ helpful!


It’s critical to organise your finances before applying for a mortgage, whether you’re a first-time buyer or relocating. Ignoring your financial problems could result in your mortgage application being denied. Furthermore, because this can negatively affect your credit score, it may hinder your prospects of obtaining a mortgage. After all, you must be able to demonstrate to mortgage lenders that you can afford to purchase a home and repay your mortgage monthly.


You can use a variety of web services and tools to acquire a better sense of a location. Sites like Street Check will offer you facts like age, education level, housing, and even broadband speeds in your region, while the website includes a tool that allows you to examine local crime statistics.

Looking at how property prices have changed in previous years is a terrific method to get a sense of whether a region is on the rise or not. If they’ve been gradually rising, it’s a fair bet that your home’s worth will rise as well in the years ahead. To see how sales prices have changed, try the Zoopla house price tool.

If you’re visiting towns or neighbourhoods, you haven’t been before, it’s recommended staying at a local B&B for a night or two to get a feel for the commute, shops, restaurants, and overall ambiance. Even if you’ve lived in the region your entire life, doing some research on the neighbourhood you want to buy in before signing on the dotted line is essential.


A solicitor or conveyancer will manage all legal aspects of buying or selling a home. An excellent one will keep you updated on a regular basis and will be able to answer your questions concerning the home-buying process.  When you make an offer on a property, the first question you’ll be asked is the name and contact information for your solicitor or licenced conveyancer. A conveyancer or solicitor will:

  • Deal with contracts
  • Provide legal counsel
  • Conduct local government searches
  • Deal with the Land Registry and transfer the funds to complete the purchase of your home.

Find out where your lawyer is based. If you employ a solicitor or conveyancer who is close to your home or place of business, it is easier to drop off or pick up paperwork, and there may be local agreements or leases that are unique to your area. 

Before Buying a House Checklist – The Property

Look for damp

When looking at a house, keep an eye out for signs of dampness. A mouldy odour, flaking plaster, and watermarked walls or ceilings are all indicators of wetness Even though it is obvious, pay careful attention to the ceiling and around the skirting boards. Another sign is if the room has just been repainted, as this could hide any signs of dampness.

How old the roof is?

Roof replacement is expensive, and modern roofs only last 15-20 years, based on the materials used. Examine the material used to cover the roof if the house has a flat or nearly flat roof. Nowadays, a membrane is employed, which is preferable to asphalt and gravel, which might leave unsealed seams and edges.

Is the plumbing done correctly?

Switch on the faucets to monitor the water pressure. Check to see if the pipes are insulated and if they aren’t made of lead, which would require replacement. Is it true that the radiators are functional? What is the age of the boiler? If the hot water tank is in the roof, it is usually ancient and in need of replacement. Another space with a lot of plumbing fittings is the kitchen. Inspect all the fixtures at least twice a year and make any necessary repairs. A clog in the main sewer line or septic system is a major plumbing issue that can be dangerous to your health. The easiest method to avoid this is to inspect and maintain your equipment on a regular basis.

Storage Space

Storage space is an important but sometimes overlooked asset when looking at potential properties to buy. What will you do with your vacuum cleaner, extra towels, sheets, and waste bins?  Is there enough area in the room for built-in shelving or cabinets? Particularly, in newly developed homes, storage space may be restricted.

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Before Buying a House Checklist

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